Clinical Research

EpiConsults, Inc. has the professional ability to engage in clinical trial teachings as well to engage in the conduct and monitoring of clinical trials. We assist CROs and third party consultants and talent acquisition departments with various contractual assignments. Our teachings assignments cover a wide clinical trials related topics. These can be summarized as follows:

  • History of clinical research
  • Clinical research overview
  • Clinical research team
  • Ethical considerations in clinical research
  • Clinical research study designs
  • Research questions and hypotheses testing
  • Sample size and power
  • Issues related to randomization in clinical trials
  • Selection of study participants
  • Considerations of inclusion and exclusion criteria
  • Research with vulnerable populations
  • Developing study protocols and manuals for operating procedures
  • Overview of institutional review boards-IRB
  • Data and safety monitoring committees
  • Research misconduct including fabrication, falsification & plagiarism
  • Quality management in clinical research