Medical Legal Consultations

We strive to provide law firms with a vast array of litigation support services including, but not limited to Medical Litigation, Product Liability, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, and Toxic Tort services in an accurate, dependable and cost-effective manner. Our proof of causation methodologies explore beyond Sir Bradford Hill criteria of causation to cover different methodologies of root-analysis cause framework/models.

The healthcare consumer for decades has been suffering from malpractice injustice. This has either directly or indirectly affected the personal health and decision making abilities of this group. The merging of the medical and the legal industries together is an essential combination in today’s litigious society. Each of those fields has brought a desire to provide the highest standards facing today’s problems.

EpiConsults, Inc. renders professional scientific services to the legal industry to acquire the necessary education and training to achieve successful medical litigation and malpractice cases as well as to help injured patients. EpiConsults, Inc. provides professional services to design and conduct Epidemiological studies for law firms.

EpiConsults, Inc. strives to provide the best services with the lowest costs possible. EpiConsults, Inc. offers very competitive litigation package pricing compared to other limited available services in the field.