Research Activities

Our consultants are regularly engaged in designing Epidemiologic Public Health studies, collecting and analyzing data. We engage in qualitative and quantitative research modalities using a variety of online tools to assist with our analysis from Nvivo to Excel and SPSS. We act as consultants to medical offices and other healthcare institutions and assist with data collections, study protocols, active data cleaning and analysis and in manuscript preparations and publications. Our efforts have yielded more than 50 publications to date ranging from various environmental exposures to mother and child care.

We provide the Scientific community with a vast array of support services including, but not limited to study design, data collection, analysis and writing of scientific papers. We professionally provide the scientists with accurate, dependable and timely medical research to best suit their concerns and inquiries targeting different methodological and research questions. EpiConsults, Inc. offers its expertise to conduct and perform sound epidemiologic studies.

EpiConsults, Inc. renders professional services to help design, conduct and analyze epidemiological studies for research scientists, helps formulate and develop grant and research proposals.