Our PhD experts at EpiConsults, Inc. have developed and taught seminars and workshops in various areas to multiple target audiences including: social change, critical thinking, time management, decision making, problem solving, conflict resolution and peace-making, hand washing, disinfection of water by sunlight, infection control, control of tropical diseases and Public Health best practices.

Our experts at EpiConsults, Inc. have designed and developed University master and doctoral level courses in Principles of Epidemiology, Advanced Topics in Epidemiology, Tropical Medicine, Global Public Health, Environmental Health, Health Education and Research Methods.

Our experts at EpiConsults, Inc. have been actively engaged in university teaching assignments of the following courses: Introduction to Public Health, Global Public Health, Basic and Advanced Epidemiology, Infectious Diseases Epidemiology, Environmental Risk Assessment, Occupational and Environmental Health, Health Promotion and Health Education, Research Methods, MPH practicum, Doctoral Dissertations, Seminars in Public Health, Interpretation & Application of Data in Public Health, and Heath Theories to name but a few.

We have also served as subject matter experts, designed and developed courses, and taught domestically in the U.S as well as internationally in the Middle East and Africa. Our team is also skilled in designing and facilitating workshops, proposing actionable agendas, initiating community outreach programs, and assisting with publication efforts.

With over 20 years of experience with face to face and online teaching, we are considered experts in this field.