Outreach Programs

EpiConsults, Inc. is actively engaged in setting up Public Health related community outreach campaigns both domestically in the U.S. and internationally in the Middle East (Lebanon) and West Africa (Ghana). EpiConsults, Inc. is affiliated with a U.S. not for profit organization with a 501 (c3) federal exempt status: Tropical Diseases Task Force with a chapter in Ghana and an international not for profit organization in the country of Lebanon: 180 degree

We, at EpiConsults, Inc. are passionate about creating positive social change in underserved communities in Africa and the Middle East. This passion is materialized with an established U.S. 501 (C) 3 federal exempt not for profit organization with chapters in Lebanon and Ghana to provide technical assistance to projects implementation, curriculum development and training of local associates for self-reliance in diseases prevention (including tropical diseases), health services (medical and mobile primary healthcare clinics with medication assistance programs), family and community health initiatives. These initiatives include refugee (Syrian and Palestinian) health, youth development, vocational training, nursing training and scholarships, and support of orphanages. Emergency support and relief efforts include a combination of Immunizations, hygiene kits, blankets, tents, cookware, and emergency accommodations to poor kids/families in rural areas. The recent massive bombing in Beirut and the economic crisis in Lebanon has created a new need to provide services to the poor or to communities with a newly imposed mental health and poverty scheme.

EpiConsults, Inc., is affiliated with a non-profit organization with federal exemption status, is committed to serving the needs of the community both domestically and internationally. Through our two international non-profit organizations, www.1eightydegs.com in Lebanon and www.tropicaldiseasestaskforce.org in the Middle East and Ghana, West Africa, we provide pro bono teachings on Public Health at universities and colleges, assist local NGOs in placing refugees and empower women and those in need. Additionally, we are involved in school health and provide scholarships to Nursing programs at the American University of Beirut and its medical center as part of our community outreach program.