EpiConsults, Inc. is engaged in various research activities in relation to Public Health. We assist in mentoring doctoral studies at the University level and assist and edit write ups for dissertation and publications. Our experts have been involved in hundreds of Public Health projects both domestically and internationally. Our experts monitor, oversee, plan, evaluate all projects from the early planning phases to study design, data collection, statistical analysis, report writing and dissemination. In the Medical & Epidemiologic Research arena, EpiConsults, Inc. provide sound Epidemiological study designs, data collection, conduct of studies, statistical analyses, report writing and dissemination of findings through translating research into practice for community and other stakeholders and via scientific publications. We provide accurate, dependable, and timely medical research to best suit our clients’ concerns and inquiries, targeting different methodological and research questions. We align the study purpose with the research questions, study methodology and statistical plan to have a sound scientific research protocol.

EpiConsults, Inc. is a team of experienced research scientists who specialize in linking various exposures, whether environmental or genetic, to different endpoint diseases, such as cancers, cardiovascular disease, and degenerative diseases. Our team includes epidemiologists, biostatisticians, toxicologists, nurses, and physicians who are available to facilitate your research and help you achieve your objectives in a timely and scientifically sound manner.

We understand that time is valuable, and we recognize that law firms deal with a wide range of cases involving various illnesses and distresses. Therefore, we assist both the legal and scientific industries in researching their cases in a timely manner to determine if a case merits further research and filing. We use a variety of search engines, including PubMed and Medline, and consult with our team before formulating any opinion. Our goal is to submit valid scientific reports that include all references and related materials, ensuring that our clients receive a comprehensive and well-supported analysis.

Our team at EpiConsults, Inc. has extensive experience in designing and conducting epidemiological studies for the scientific community. We use both qualitative and quantitative research modalities to assist in data collection and analysis, utilizing a variety of online tools such as Nvivo, Excel, and SPSS among others.

We also act as consultants to medical offices and healthcare institutions, assisting with data collections, study protocols, active data cleaning and analysis, and manuscript preparations and publications. Through our efforts, we have been able to produce over 200 publications to date, covering a wide range of topics from environmental exposures to mother and child care.

Our goal is to provide the scientific community with accurate and timely medical research, tailored to their specific concerns and inquiries. We offer our expertise in conducting sound epidemiological studies and can help with study design, data collection, analysis, and writing of scientific papers. We also assist in formulating and developing grant and research proposals.

We had the opportunity to play a major role in some Toxic Torts and other litigation. EpiConsults, Inc. designs major epidemiologic studies including rapid epidemiologic/environmental assessment studies for major research studies, and law firms. We train and contract with data collectors, create datasets and analyze major research questions. We write scientific papers and affidavits.